Product Perception Survey Program

Get an In-Depth Understanding of the Utility Industry's Perception of Your Product and Leverage Game-Changing Competitive Intelligence!

Understanding the utility industry executive's perception of your product provides you an unparalleled competitive advantage. As an underwriter of Sierra Energy Group's Perception Survey Program you will gain exclusive insights necessary to enhance or establish your brand leadership in the multi-million dollar Utility market.

Your key benefits as a survey program underwriter include:

  • End-user market intelligence including the critical functionalities needed by utilities and key decision makers in the utility industry.
  • Utility industry end-user perception rankings of your product.
  • Your customers' satisfaction level rankings of your product.
  • Revealing insights of how your competitors' products are perceived in the utility marketplace along with their associated customer satisfaction levels.

Perception Survey Program Overview

  • An unbiased, third-party utility industry survey conducted by Sierra Energy Group to determine utility executives' perceptions of specified industry vendors. Both email and telephone surveys will be conducted.
  • A report will be created from survey results, providing an overall aggregate perception of the surveyed product vendor rankings.
  • This survey program will be under the direction of Christopher Perdue, Vice President of Sierra Energy Group. Mr. Perdue will be assisted by one of our senior analysts, all of which are utility industry veterans.
  • Underwriters will retain complete anonymity throughout the survey process.

Exclusive Underwriter
As an exclusive underwriter of a Sierra Energy Group Perception Survey, you will gain exclusive industry intelligence on how your product ranks against the other vendors in the space. Only you, the exclusive underwriter, see this ranking and you will have the option to include your individual ranking results in the published report.

Non-Exclusive Underwriter
As a non-exclusive underwriter of the Sierra Energy Group Perception Survey, you and up to 2 other vendors will share industry intelligence revealing how your products rank against other vendors in the space. Only non-exclusive underwriters (maximum of three) will see this ranking.

Planned Survey Topics
Communications, Public/Private
Energy Presentment and Management Tools
Distribution Optimization
Mobile Workforce Management
Outage Management

Please Contact your Energy Central Account Executive or Christopher Perdue for additional information.